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Sermon: Do Not Destroy

A few days ago as I was driving home from the store, I looked up and saw the sky glowing pink and orange. It was so beautiful, but I was also keenly aware that its beauty was caused by the destructive haze of wildfires across the country. The wildfires blazing along the west coast are putting human lives, wildlife, and property in serious danger. The smoke alone is forcing many at risk people to stay indoors, assuming the fires are not driving them from their homes. According to an article published earlier this month by the Union of Concerned Scientists, “Since 2015, wildfires in the United States have increased, on average, by roughly 100 large wildfires each year.” These scientists say th

Tashlich Recording

This pre-recorded tashlich service is designed for both communal and individual use. If you are unable to attend the Temple B'nai Israel community tashlich gathering, I encourage you to take some crumbs to a nearby body of natural water and take a listen!

Havdalah Candle How-to!

At the end of Yom Kippur, we finish with a Havdalah service to separate the holiness of the holidays from our regular busy lives. Make your own Havdalah candle from old Hanukah candles you have laying around to join me in bringing light into the world at the end of our holiday celebrations! Direction on how-to form the Havdalah candle can be found here:

Kids Rosh Hashanah

Shalom kids and parents! While we hope you will make it to the zoom live services, we wanted to provide a special opportunity geared towards our Religious School aged students. Due to the difficulties of screen fatigue and keeping little ones still, we have kept things short. I encourage you to sit down together to enjoy this 15 minute prayer and story session where I introduce the themes of reflection, decision making, and kindness towards others. Scroll below the video to find a list of questions to engage in a conversation with your kids about these High Holy Day Topics! When you finish watching the video, I encourage you to keep the conversation going. Here are a few questions to get you

Sermon: Creating a Shelter of Peace

Click play to listen! As I struggled to settle on which important topic to open our High Holy Days with, I found myself coming back again and again to an incident I experienced a couple weeks ago. I was scrolling through my facebook feed late at night and a post by a family member caught my eye. This person and I disagree on most things, but typically we do so in an educated, respectful manner. The post stood out because placed right between a donkey and an elephant was a N azi flag at the top of a chart comparing the US Democratic and Republican parties to the Nazi party in Germany during WWII. This particular post claimed that US Democrats hold values in line with the Nazi party. I sat the

S'lichot Service from the ACC, CCAR, and URJ

The American Conference of Cantors (ACC), Central Confrere of American Rabbis (CCAR) and the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) are pleased to offer this one-hour S'lichot service and worship experience. Led by many of our Movement’s rabbis and cantors, it provides meaningful reflection, song, and prayers from Mishkan HaLev, a siddur for S'lichot, as well as a visual ritual for changing of the Torah mantles to white for our sacred days.

S'lichot Meditation

As you will hear in the first few moments of the recording, I encourage you to find a comfortable and quite spot. This can be inside your home, or somewhere outside. If you are in your home, try not to have any bright lights on in the room. I encourage you to take this time for yourself, and do your best to keep your full attention here for about 18 minutes. *This ritual was created in partnership by HUC-JIR cantorial student, Gabriel Lehrmen, and rabbinical students, Madeline Anderson and Danielle Weisbrot. Meditation adapted from Regents of the University of Minnesota Forgiveness Meditation. Do you want to know more about the holiday of S'lichot? Click here to learn more at ReformJudaism.o