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Being Protested...


That’s how I would describe this feeling. This morning I felt strong. Adrenaline rushed through me.

The longer the coffee grounds set into my clothes and dried on my skin, the more frustrated I felt.

She was just a child, so young and already filled with hatred for other human beings.

She might have hoped it would drive me away. It did the opposite.

Her cup filled with cold wet coffee grounds splashed down the side of me from my cheek to my hand.

What did it accomplish? Did she feel good about herself? Was she praised by her parents?

I am angry and I am sad because this fight is about so much more than a wall of rocks. It is about equality, women’s rights, religious freedom, and that is just the beginning of the list...

I feel more driven than ever to stand up for myself and for the progressive Jews of Israel and the diaspora.

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